Mesh Banner - a material with a mesh structure, ideal for advertising in places with strong winds

What is mesh banner?

Mesh is a banner material made of synthetic fibers. It has a mesh structure that allows air pass through the texture of the material easily. Thanks to the perforated structure, this banner type is very light and transmits air and some light. Thanks to these properties, the material has a wide range of applications.

Dirty mesh surface can be washed with water and a mild detergent. The mesh has a lower weight in comparison with the frontlit material, but nevertheless it is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. The mesh is mainly used for advertising banners with large areas, over 100 m2. The perforated structure of the material has a lower total weight than standard frontlit material. It puts less burden on advertising scaffolding. The mesh banners are widely used as advertising on scaffolding, construction fences, railings, bridge balustrades or house facades.

Mesh banner as an advertising medium

A mesh banner is a very popular advertising medium. Large-format graphics are usually advertising with a very large area, so the weight of the entire printout has significant importance. Mesh banners weigh much less than the most commonly used PVC banners. Such material withstand high stresses during strong wind and is particularly tear-resistant. As a result, this type of banner is perfect as an advertising medium mounted on scaffolding or building facades.

Mesh banner as a privacy screen

Each of us needs rest both at home and at work. The mesh can also be used as a cover for works performed on construction sites or during renovation. Mesh banners ensure air permeability and at the same time protect against the curious glances of people passing by. A facade or a fenced construction site covered with mesh allows for uninterrupted work of people providing a neat appearance at the same time. With mesh banner you can also create a private zone in the garden or on the balcony which can’t be seen by your neighbours. You can see what's happening outside, but no one will see what's inside. If you have a mesh banner printed with beautiful patterns, you get a beautiful decoration at the same time.

Printing mesh banners

We print mesh banners using solvent digital printing. The inks used for printing large-format meshes are resistant to UV radiation.

How can I place an order for mesh banners?

Mesh banners are finished differently depending on where they are going to be installed. The most popular finish is a weld + eyelets every 50 cm. On our website you can order banners in standard finishes, or use the Custom option, where you can configure the finish you need.