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This specification shows how to prepare print files for purpose production. If you have any doubts please visit our website’s FAQ page or contact Technical Support.

PDF: How to prepare print files for purpose products


We are printing your ordered products with your file. When designing your artwork, there are no limits. In order to ensure a smooth ordering and production process and to avoid possible delays, we ask you to consider and comply with the following points in file creation:


  • -Accepted file formats: .pdf, .tif
  • -All fonts in .pdf file turned to curves
  • -Files prepared in CMYK color space
  • -Depending on the finishing , a safety distance should be maintained (background can be applied over the entire surface) to make space for eyelets or hems. At hem with eyelets a safety distance of 6cm is sufficient.
  • -Bleed of 0,5 cm on each side should be added to each file.
  • -File should be sent in scale 1:1 or scaled proportionally to ordered size.
  • -To receive saturated black please use following settings: C 50 M 50 Y 50 Y 100 for UV / Latex printing (banners, foils and boards) and C 0 M 0 Y 0 K100 for sublimation printing (textiles)
  • -Recommended resolution for scale 1:1 it’s: 1-2m ² 150ppi, 2-5m ² 100ppi, 25-50m ² 500pppi.
  • -Please do not use overprints, that can cause color differences


The print file should be created with an image editor. As a free program "GIMP" is available for download on the net..

For further details on the print file preparation please read the instructions in PDF file


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