Floor Vinyl

Self-adhesive, coated with a special anti-slip laminate with increased resistance to abrasion. The material is easy to apply and remove, which allows a frequent change of graphics. The floor foil should be applied on smooth surfaces inside the buildings, it is weatherproof and the print has waterproof properties.

Floor vinyl with lamination

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  1. You will receive: Floor vinyl , printed with your design in the size of your choice
  2. Print material: Monomeric vinyl with anti-slip laminate
  3. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  4. Thickness:
  5. Maximum format without division:
  6. Print resolution: 1,440 dpi
  7. Floor vinyl is used for printing internal floor graphics and warning signs
  8. ⇛ Set width & height ⇛ Enter quantity ⇛ Select finishing = your Personalized Floor Vinyl
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Floor vinyl with lamination   + €1.19 €1.00
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€10.50 netto
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€9.40 netto
from 1000 m2

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Floor Vinyl
Floor vinyl with lamination

In stock

€1.19 €1.00

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