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Interior decoration

At Window 2 Print you will discover decorations and furnishing which can successfully transform the space you design. Our shop offers: 
- Bean Bags,
- Rubik Seat
- Director’s Chair;
- Wind Screens.
Every product will be perfect as a decoration or promotional item. The Rubik Seat can be used as an interior design element in a café  or a waiting room while the deckchair and screen can become an excellent advertisement element in health resorts and spa. Your logo can appear not only on the door plate buy also on wallpaper decorating the walls of your office. Through material items you can subtly enter the consciousness of your client. You can make your living room original and unique by having your wall paper printed up with any pattern you like. The possibilities are unlimited and the wallpapers unrepeatable. 


from 20.30 /pc

Rubik Seat

from 31.75 /pc

Wind Screen

from 23.30 /pc