One Way Vision

It is used when the image is to be applied on windows in the means of public transport or cars. It allows to present the layout on the outside without limiting the visibility of the wrapped object inside. The graphics overshadows the inside, presenting a picture for people on the outside and people fronting the back of the print still see the outside world.

OWV vinyl

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  1. You will receive: One Way Vision (OWV) vinyl, printed with your design in the size of your choice
  2. Print material: One Way Vision (OWV) vinyl 150 μm
  3. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  4. Thickness: 0,15 mm
  5. Maximum format without division: 150 x 1000 cm
  6. Print resolution: 1440 dpi
  7. Can be glued on glass or transparent plastic (such as plexi), used on shop windows, buildings facades, car showrooms or widows in the vehicles
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OWV vinyl - Window2Print
OWV vinyl

In stock

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