Polymer Vinyl

Polymer vinyl has similar properties to the monomer film, but the essential feature that is different is greater durability to weather conditions and the possibility of application on surfaces with minor outlets. It is mostly applied on cars and public means of transport. The polymer film has an adhesive base; its maximum width is 1.52 m.

Polimeric gloss vinyl

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  1. You will receive: White gloss polymer vinyl, printed with your design in the size and finishing of your choice
  2. Print material: polymeric vinyl 80 μm
  3. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  4. Thickness: 0,096 mm =/- 20%
  5. Maximum format without division: 150 x 2000 cm
  6. Print resolution: 1,440 dpi
  7. The vinyl is used for long-term internal graphics and medium or short-term external graphics, on flat or slightly embossed surfaces - side doors, bonnets etc. The foil has a life span of about 3-5 years when applied outside (for the exposition in the climate of Central Europe)
  8. ⇛ Set width & height ⇛ Enter quantity ⇛ Select finishing = your Personalized Polymer Vinyl
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Polymer Vinyl
Polimeric gloss vinyl

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