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Polyester 115g (Flags)

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Polyester 210g

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Backlit Polyester

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Samba Polyester

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Satin Polyester

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.How is transfer sublimation printing different from direct printing?


Our textile printing offer includes many different materials, all created through sublimation printing. The sublimation printing technology ensures excellent imitation of colours on textile printing

The colours are sharp, the images are realistic, and the words are easy to read. Textile printing is resistant to wear, UV rays, and precipitation.

Sublimation printing is performed with special textile printing printers in two versions – direct printing and printing with transfer paper.

Transfer sublimation printing sees the ink applied first to transfer paper and then to the fabric in high pressure and temperatures. During the heating process, the pigments turn from solid state into gas, which is then absorbed by the textile fibres.

Another way is direct sublimation printing. This method sees textile printing performed by direct application of pigments to textiles. Afterwards, the material is heated.

Our print works offers both textile printing technologies and chooses the best-suited one to make your end product satisfactory and appropriate. We offer sublimation printing up to width of 3.2 m, which means that we are able to handle very big orders. Our sublimation printing applies water ink in eight colours to provide you with the best possible textile printing quality.


What forms of finishing are available for textile materials?


After the printing process, textile printing is moved to our textile material processing department. We offer numerous forms of finishing, which we have developed over the years to be as functional and durable as possible in textile printing. Our offer of textile printing with sublimation technology includes standard forms of finishing such as cutting to shape, all-around borders, tape with snaplinks or holes, tunnels, links. You can order most of the popular forms of finishing for your textile printing with just one click. When you want to choose a completely different form for textile printing finishing, take advantage of the option of customer finishing/specification, which lets you define each side of your textile printing individually according to your own needs.


What are the advantages of the sublimation technology?


Sublimation printing is a technology with numerous benefits in comparison to other types of technologies used in digital printing. Sublimation printing colours are well-saturated and intensive. Sublimation printing colours are very realistic. An advantage of textile printing is the fact that when it is folded up, there are no permanent folds like in materials printed with solvent or UV technologies. Folded textile printing can be put up on masts and it will straighten out by itself with time. When there are strong folds on textile printing, it is recommended to iron them out with appropriate temperature to keep the material from melting. Another advantage of textile printing in sublimation technology is the fact that the material can be machine-washed. This is very important when our advertisements are exhibited in places with high traffic and high air pollution. Sublimation printing has numerous advantages, but keep in mind that only a specific range of materials for digital printing is suitable for this technology.


What products are suitable for sublimation textile printing?


Besides standard flags, we also use sublimation printing technology for materials used to make Beach Flags. Our customers usually choose Polyester 210, Backlight Banner, and Samba Polyester for advertisements in aluminium frames. Satin Polyester and Polyester 210 g are popular materials for finishing products. You can print out the material of your choice and use it to make curtains, pillows, or elements of decoration for interiors of e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices, or residences.






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