5 tips on how to be successful at the trade fair

Planning and preparing a trade fair appearance is a very time-consuming effort. The stand area is measured and the optimal use of space is planned down to the smallest details. The correct presentation of our innovations is always in the foreground. A trade fair appearance is intended to make as many contacts as possible from potential new customers and to emphasize the advantages of your products compared to the competition.

The question arises, which measures ensure a successful trade fair appearance?

1. Plan ahead

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the fair, everything should be planned well in advance and ordered in good time. Whether foils, roll-ups or exhibition walls, all elements should be available on time.

2. Information is the basis of success

Every detail of an exhibition stand should be well thought out and implemented. The name of the company and the products should be clearly legible and optimally placed on the stand. If your messages and information are well elaborated and are best conveyed through various media and measures, the curiosity of the trade fair visitors will be aroused and your hop up stand will always be well filled.

3. Colour interplay and its effect

When selecting all the colours for the exhibition stand, the colour palette should always be used, which can also be found in the company's logo and products. This serves on the one hand as the orientation for the customer and on the other hand as a recognition feature and identification for your company. You can find our products here.

4. You represent your company

Needless to say, all fair employees should follow a specific dress code. In general, the garments should be in line with the slogan and your hop up stand, so that the focus is always on the products and your message.

5. A nice conclusion

Follow-up work is just as important as intensive preparation for the trade fair. All new contacts are of no use to you if they are not used promptly. Potential customers who have shown interest in your company and its products or services should be contacted as soon as possible in order to initiate further steps that are relevant for you. So nothing will stand in the way of your success.