What's the easiest way to get customers for a hairdressing or beauty salon?

To inform the people who live, work, or simply pass by that a hairdressing salon exists in the immediate vicinity. The easiest way to win a customer is to get them off the road with a compelling message. And for this you need a digitally printed banner to hang in your shop window, or as a mural for your salon. Your advertising message will be visible from a distance. If you make advertising meaningful, you will achieve your goal. Outdoor advertising on a fabric banner is the best investment. It pays to use professional graphics so that the advertising looks stylish and professional. A fabric banner is also suitable for setting up the interior of a hairdressing salon for advertising purposes. You can advertise the most modern hairstyles or hair colours thanks to a fabric banner. In the interior you will find application for fabric banners in all possible sizes and designs. The digitally printed banners are ideal for hanging and standing.

Which fabric is suitable for fabric banners?

Depending on whether you want to use the fabric banners outside or inside, we offer you a wide variety of materials to choose from. We print polyester 115G and 210G, which you can use both indoors and outdoors. The material is weatherproof and crease-resistant. To really show off your fabric banners, we recommend Textile backlit or Samba. The materials are ideal for presenting the illuminated graphics with intense colours. If you want to make your hair salon shine, choose satin fabric, which is light and elegant. It’s ideal as a decorative fabric for interiors. If you don’t know which fabric is the right one for your fabric banners for hairdressers, our consultants will be happy to help you.

Can I have fabric banners printed and order online?

We can print fabric banners for you with any motif that you have imagined. Short or long hairstyles, hair colours or hairdressing accessories, extra offers for men's and women's haircuts, are just a few designs for a digitally printed banners for hairdressers. Our sublimation printing process brings out your hair ideas. This printing technology guarantees ideal colour reproduction and the highest resolution of your print motifs for fabric banners. Our banners set no limits to your imagination, which you can implement in no time without moving from the sofa. Visit our online shop and familiarize yourself with our offer. When you have decided on fabric banners for hairdressers, you can order them online. Follow the order instructions and in a few days you will delight your eyes with the sight of the fabric banners printed according to your wishes.