Billboard Paper

Billboard paper, which is also called blue back side (BBS), it is mainly applicable on external carriers. This paper is used in short-term campaigns with exhibits no longer than one month. Its advantage is the resistance to weather conditions.

Blue Back Side Paper

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  1. You will receive: Blue Back Side Paper with your design in the size which your need
  2. Print material: 115 g Blue Back Side Paper
  3. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  4. Maximum format without division: 137 x 2000 cm
  5. Print resolution: 1440 dpi
  6. The Blue Back Side Paper is dedicated for short term expositions- ca 1 month. This paper is resistant to water and weather conditions. On the back side it has a special blue layer thanks to which the previous graphic is not visible on the front.
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Blue Back Side Paper - Window2Print
Blue Back Side Paper

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