City Lights Posters

Citylite paper is satin finish coated paper for high quality digital printing. Thank to it's structure it can be used to all lighted displays. in bus stop frame cassettes, coffers.

Citylight paper has vivid, saturated colors while maintaining the sharpness of contours.

Citylight Paper

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  1. Citylight Paper is usually used in closed light boxes. This paper thanks to it structure is perfect for backlit advertisements. The colours of the printout are saturated and full of colours. The most common used of the citylight paper are on cassettes n the bus and underground stations..
  2. You will receive: Citylight Paper with your design in the size which your need
  3. Maximum format without division: 127 x 2000 cm
  4. Print material: 170 g Citylight Paper
  5. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  6. Print resolution: 1440 dpi
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Citylight Paper - Window2Print
Citylight Paper

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