Polymer Film

Polimeric vinyl with gloss lamination

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  1. You will receive: White polymer film with glossy laminate, printed with your design in the size and finishing of your choice
  2. Print material: polymeric vinyl with laminate 180 μm
  3. Printing technology: Solvent HR
  4. Thickness: 0,192 mm +/- 20%
  5. Maximum format without division: 1
  6. 50 x 2000 cm
  7. Print resolution: 1,440 dpi
  8. Polymer filmis used for long term exposition of the interior graphics or short term exposition of the printed graphics in the outside conditions. It’s used on flat surfaces or with light ribbing. The polymeric laminate is an additional protection against adverse weather conditions and extends the service life of the product by two years.
  9. ⇛ Set width & height ⇛ Enter quantity ⇛ Select finishing = your Personalized Polymer Film with gloss lamination
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Polymer Film
Polimeric vinyl with gloss lamination

In stock

€1.19 €1.00

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